5004C & 5004GS Book Scanners



5004C (Color) & 5004GS (Grayscale) Book Scanners



The 5004C Advanced Color Book Scanner & the 5004GS Grayscale Book Scanner from Indus are the latest in available technology for the scanning of bound books and very large scale documents up to 16.53 inches x 24.80 inches at optical resolution of 300, 400 and 600 dpi. They maintain the original condition of a bound book even if it is in a fragile condition.  They combine state-of-the-art scan lens, a high quality CCD image sensor and white LED lights, clustered in a mobile strip that follows the scanners movement.  A built-in motorized book cradle helps overcome the unevenness of thick books.  An optional glass plate helps flatten large documents and books.


  • High precision LINOS (Rodenstock) scan lens
  • High resolution CCD image sensors
  • Mobile light strip with high power white LEDs
  • Integrated motor-driven book cradle
  • Originals up to DIN A2 Plus (16.53 inches x 24.80 inches)
  • Telescopic rail system for adjustment of book cradle plates
  • Wood surface for the safe scanning of delicate originals

Technical Specifications:

  • Scanning resolution:  True 400 x 600 dpi on documents of size >A2 (16.53 inches x 24.80 inches)
  • Color depth:  36 bit internal, 24 bit external
  • Interface:  1000 MB TCP/IP, Scan2Net
  • Software:  BCS-2
  • Format:  >DINA2  (16.53 inches x 24.80 inches)
  • Scanner Dimensions: Width – 48 inches with lamp arms

Height – 41.3 inches

Depth – 27.2 inches

Net Weight – 110 Lbs.

  • Operating Voltage: 100 – 240 Volts 50/60 Hz
  • Power requirement:     50 VA standby mode/150 VA operating mode
  • Lamps:  LUXEON White LED (Light Strip approximately 5000 Lux.)