Book Scanner 5005XL C & GS

5005XL Scanner



5005XLC (Color) & 5005XL GS (Grayscale) Book Scanner


The 5005XL C Color Book Scanner & the 5005XL GS Grayscale Book Scanner from Indus are the latest in available technology for the scanning of very heavy bound books and very large documents up 25.0 inches x 35.4 inches at a resolution of close to 400 dpi. They maintain the original condition of a bound book even if it is in a fragile condition.  The motorized cradle has variable speed and adjustable contact pressure between glass plate and the book, making it the ideal scanner for the scanning of large bound books that are up to 44 pounds in weight and as much as 10 inches thick.  With a state-of-the-art scan lens, a high quality 7500 pixel CCD image sensor and white LED lights, clustered in a mobile strip that follows the scanners movement, the resulting scan quality is superb.

General Functions and Features

  • Format selection up to DIN A2 (16.54" X 23.39")
  • 35 Million Pixels color resolution
  • Automatic exposure meter
  • Autofocus up to 20 cm
  • Automatic page separation
  • Book-fold correction in color mode
  • PDF conversion
  • Simple installation
  • Automatic calibration
  • User friendly


  • Books
  • Periodicals and newspapers
  • Maps and drawings
  • Atlases
  • Ancient manuscripts
  • Surveys including photos
  • Quality records
  • Graphical designs
  • Colored architectural plans
  • Colored wiring diagrams


  • High precision LINOS (Rodenstock) scan lens
  • High resolution CCD image sensors
  • Mobile light strip with high power white LEDs
  • Integrated motor-driven book cradle
  • Originals up to A1+ (25 inches x 35.4 inches)
  • Telescopic rail system for adjustment of book cradle plates
  • Wood surface for the safe scanning of delicate originals
  • Glass plate
  • Adjustable speed cradle plates
  • Adjustable contact pressure between book and glass plate
  • Books up to 10 inches thick
  • Books weighing up to 44 pounds

Technical Specifications:

Width – 52 inches without lamps

Width – 57.5 inches with lamps

Height – 84 inches floor to top

Depth – 35 inches

  • Scanning resolution:  True 400 dpi on documents of size A1 (23.39 inches x 33.11 inches), close to 400 dpi for full format
  • Color depth:  36 bit internal, 24 bit external
  • Interface:  1000 MB TCP/IP, Scan2Net
  • Software:  BCS-2
  • Format:  A1 (23.39 inches x 33.11 inches)
  • Format:  A1+ (25 inches x 35.4 inches)
  • Scanner Dimensions:     
  • Operating Voltage: 100 – 120 Volts 50/60 Hz

50 VA standby mode

150 VA operating mode       

  • Power requirement: 
  • Lamps: LUXEON White LED (Light Strip approximately 5000 Lux.)