An entry level book scanner that will scan A3 (11” x 17”) books.  Automatic book detection, de-skewing, and book curve correction, are all features of this scanner for books & flat documents.

Scanner 001

Scan and archive bound books, magazines, documents, business cards, cash register receipts, with this convenient and portable overhead scanner from Indus MIS, Inc.  This simple to use scanner will also correct the curvature of the book and deliver crisp, colorful images.  Archive the scanned images, or share them with your friends and associates.  Affordable and easy to use it is a great product and a first step in digitizing if you are looking to start at a low budget.  Get multiple scanners for use throughout the library, office or place one at every school teacher’s desk.  Even college professors can use this scanner to quickly scan an article or a page from a newspaper or textbook to use during a lecture.  This reasonable priced portable scanner is priced right for the budget conscious person or organization.


  • Scan book with page curvature and receive flat images of the curved pages.  Scanner corrects the book curve within seconds.
  • Scanner automatically scans only the book or document removing the excess around the book.  Image is de-skewed automatically.
  • Scan books and flat documents that are 11” x 17” when open, flat documents that can be as large as 11” x 17” and as small as business cards.
  • Scanner will focus automatically creating sharp images.
  • Connect to your existing PC and monitor.   Windows 10 compatible. USB 2.0 interface. Activate the scan through the user friendly software by clicking the mouse, or using the hand switch.