Document Management System – Advantages




Virtual Office Information Advantages:


 Virtual Office Information Works Like You Do.
   Create an electronic Filing Cabinet. Create an electronic Folder. Insert any combination of handwritten documents, faxes, electronic files, legal forms or whatever information; even store and retrieve any vendor's software program and data files


 Designed for Use on Muti-User Networks.
   Using common IT networks users are allowed the capability of viewing a single folder or even the same document simultaneously.


 Access To All data Types.
   Input existing documents with scanners. Insert new files from word processor programs, CAD files, spreadsheets, E-mails, video files, digital photographs. Retrieve the files in their native condition.


 Organize Data To Allow Easy Retrieval Through Simple or Complex User Searches.
   Take advantage of high speed disk caching and indexing.


 Out Performs the Competition With Faster and Easier Menu-Driven Options.
   Proven over and over at satisfied customer sites. Virtual Office Information will retrieve a file faster than by competing EDMS programs. It is proven.


 Multiple Levels of Security.
   Create Groups with select User membership and control individual log-in with encrypted passwords.


 Permanent Protection.
   Rebuild tool and additional file information included to insure that you are covered in every way from disastrous situations. Other software rely on tape back-up only.


THE BOTTOM LINE:  Virtual Office Information has user friendly menus, storage and retrieval of ALL types of documents both physical and electronic, Windows graphical user interface, better long term protection, and network compatibility.— all with the best price/performance ratio and proven results.