Document Management System

A LEADER IN RECORDS MANAGMENT Established in 1985, Indus manufactured microfiche readers for the Defense Department and private-labeled readers for companies such as 3M, Eastman Kodak and NCR Corporation. With the advent of electronic imaging, Indus became the North American marketing arm for a UNIX optical disk-based archiving and retrieval system called Life*ODIN. To serve the needs of the networked PC market, Indus developed a DOS-based system, V.O.I.C.E. (Virtual Office Information for Corporate Environments). In addition to the inherent cost benefits of electronic records management, the system is built on a standard, modular nonproprietary hardware configuration for the best possible value. Today, Virtual Office Information is a MS-Windows based system running on commonly used networks. Almost half of Indus' manufactured products are exported to the European Economic Community, South America and Pacific Rim countries.

Virtual Office Information Indus' Electronic Document and Information Management System – Virtual Office Information, is an information archival and retrieval system that runs on the latest IT networks and serves the needs of organizations large and small. It makes an organization efficient because with it, vital information is at the fingertips of the organization's users. Any user on the IT network can retrieve information from the central storage within a few seconds after making a request. The original information is never lost, never misfiled and is always available. Multiple users can retrieve the same information simultaneously unlike with paper based manual filing systems in which only one user can have access to a file at any time. Organizations that are using Virtual Office Information can never be without it. Through it's use they realize how Virtual Office Information makes their job and decision making fast and helps in making their organization save time; time, that normally with a manual filing system is wasted in searching for information that is needed.

With Virtual Office Information you Archive Easily. Retrieve Instantly. If every piece of information in your company were right at your fingertips…Just think what you could accomplish. But partial information is only partially valuable; unwieldy documents such as faxes, e-mails, oversized drawings and correspondence sometimes elude paper-based or less sophisticated electronic archiving systems. With Virtual Office Information, you will have the means to store everything… from spreadsheets, letters, e-mails and invoices and purchase orders and contracts to E-size drawings. Microfilm or microfiche. Aperture cards. Photographs. With the proper interface, even files from a mainframe, mini, another PC, or fax line, sounds files, video clips and digital photographs can be stored and retrieved through the system. Anything that can be scanned, and any electronic information that is imported is accessible and instantly retrievable.

Tame the information monster. In seconds. No matter what business you are in, time is a valuable resource. The cost of retrieving information is immense, causing expensive information bottlenecks that impede your ability to get things done. Virtual Office Information lets you spend more time managing your business and less time hunting for information that helps you in managing your business.

Organize any way you like. Virtual Office Information emulates a manual filing system. Select an electronic filing cabinet. Place documents and information of any kind in an electronic folder. Scanned files coexist with CAD drawings-ASCII files, spreadsheets, e-mails or word-processed files, color http://www.indususa.com/wp-content/themes/Adisoft/images or digital color photos. Archived and committed folders can be reopened as many times as you like in order to add additional documents to the archived folder. Virtual Office Information allows simultaneous access of data by everyone on your network.

All the security and dependability you want. Virtual Office Information provides a secure, easy-to-use system that doesn't complicate your everyday operations. In addition to the inherent security provided by your network, Virtual Office Information provides group level security for accessing the electronic folders and the contents within it. You will have the dependability of industry standard optical media (erasable or WORM), RAID or NAS storage devices. And you are protected with Virtual Office Information's Rebuild Feature…it writes index information along with the file so that the database can be easily restored. Multiple security levels assure that authorized users access documents only.

Scanners. OCR. Bar Code. COLD. Virtual Office Information supports them all. Low-end scanners, medium speed scanners and high-speed scanners are all supported by Virtual Office Information. Scan dual sided documents with a single sided scanner. Virtual Office Information supports that too. Engineering drawing scanners and planetary book scanners are supported too. Through the use of integrated OCR and Bar Code software Virtual Office Information allows for automatically indexing documents that are scanned as a batch. The built-in COLD module allows importing of computer generated files that can be easily indexed, split and stored in electronic folders for later retrieval. Output of COLD reports can be merged with a forms overlay module giving the retrieved COM report a look of the original document.

Anyone who recognizes the term "backup" knows that valuable data needs to be protected. You may not want to think about disaster recovery, but it's all too easy to imagine the effect on your business if suddenly, years of financial records, engineering drawings and other vital process information is irretrievably lost to a fire, flood or other natural disaster. Worst yet, an unreliable record system can be damaging to your organization… without you even being aware of it and without a catastrophic event. Virtual Office Information not only stores the vital information belonging to your organization, but it additionally protects it from loss due to a disk crash or other disaster.

Don't waste time in training. Virtual Office Information is user friendly and easy to use. Training time required is a minimum. Anyone with experience using MS Office Suite programs can become efficient in the use of Virtual Office Information within a few hours.

Expand as you grow. Economically. Virtual Office Information is powerful, robust and proven. It complies with industry standards and uses off-the-shelf hardware. It is scalable, and can expand with the needs of your organization. Add more scanning stations, retrieval stations and other peripherals.