Indus History in UK


Indus International, Inc.,‘s presence in the United Kingdom goes back many years. Prior to December 1985 Indus International, Inc. was a division of the NCR Corporation of Dayton, Ohio USA.

We manufactured Microfiche Readers and through NCR UK Ltd., sold the Readers to well known organizations such as Barclays Bank, Royal Bank of Scotland, Marks & Spencer and many other commercial organizations. ICI Chemicals purchased through one of our resellers named HMSL Group, many hundreds of very specialized “explosion proof” Microfiche Readers for use in paint mixing rooms.

Indus products, Microfiche Readers in particular, were listed in the HMSO (Her Majesty’s Stationary Office) catalogue for purchase by UK government organizations.

In the mid-1990s products manufactured by Indus were sold all over UK by Markrim Bull Company and later in the 1990s Indus sold products in the UK through Bell & Howell UK Ltd. Sales of Indus products in the UK continued when Kodak Limited based in Hemel Hempstead took over Bell & Howell. Kodak Limited sold several hundred products manufactured by Indus to UK libraries.

Indus’ presence in the UK through UK based companies as our resellers has spanned over 30 years. Now we are introducing the Indus BookScanner 9000 to the UK market.