The PlanScan XL-7000 family of scanners are advanced systems that combine superior design, high quality components and user friendly software for those who want to archive and preserve at very high resolution, extremely large format books, documents, manuscripts, maps and other vital records.

Plan Scan XL 7000

Large Format

Scan large format documents, open books, bound and unbound newspapers, architectural and engineering drawings, manuscripts and maps that can be as large as 36 inches x 52 inches. Scan and digitize in color, grayscale or black & white.


High Optical Resolution

Achieve true optical scan resolution of 400 dpi (XL7000-400) or 600 dpi (XL7000-600) over the entire scan area of 36 inches x 52 inches with minimal geometric distortion. Multiple high resolution cameras positioned in close proximity to the originals create scans at 400 dpi and 600 dpi over the entire scan area. Proven through testing and independent analysis by leading authority on scanning technology. Refer to the test report proving that the XL7000 achieves this high scan resolution and scanning accuracy, by visiting Thanks to this accuracy, the XL7000 is the preferred scanner for use by land surveyors and cadasters.


Illumination System

Low UV and color matched daylight fluorescent lamps are used. Scanning is performed under ambient light conditions without any glare causing inconvenience to the operator and providing protection to the originals being scanned from any extended exposure to UV.


Remarkable Scanning Speed

Even though the XL7000 creates high resolution scans yet the time taken to scan is relatively short. Scan the largest size document of 36 inches x 52 inches at 600 dpi color in a mere 17 seconds with another 16 seconds to transfer the large file to your computer. A remarkable under 1 minute for a 600 dpi color file of a 36 inch x 52 inch document. Actual speeds may vary based on the characteristics of the host computer.


Multiple Motorized Cradles

The system has two sets of motorized cradles. Smaller books and documents can be scanned on the smaller cradle while documents and books that are 36 inches x 52 inches are scanned using the two cradles. The movement of the cradles is controlled so that pressure applied against the glass plate is minimized to protect the fragile books or documents. 9.8 inch thick books weighing a maximum of 55 Lbs. can be handled by the cradles. A 36” x 52” copy board is used for large flat documents.


Sturdy Superior Construction

A scanner that scans very large format documents at very high resolution must be built tough and sturdy to avoid any vibration while the scan head moves across the entire document. The XL7000 is built tough and has all steel construction. The movement of the head is smooth and precise thanks to an advanced omega drive and precision timing belt that controls the movement of the scan head. The XL7000 is quality built in Germany using only the highest quality components by dedicated quality oriented craftsmen. The camera system is precisely aligned in the factory and uses apochromatic lenses that result in vivid /wp-content/themes/Adisoft/images with unmatched sharpness.


PROView Software

The XL7000 Scanner is bundled with the proven and featureful software PROView. Developed specially for use with these scanners this software has many useful features desired by archivists and preservationists. It runs on the most current Microsoft Windows XP Professional and Vista Business operating systems. The software allows the scanning in many commonly used industry standard formats including TIFF and JPEG. It supports over 50 differen raster formats with different types of compressions and determines automatically the type of file to open. It is very fast and capable of displaying a 36” x 52” scanned file within seconds. Besides the usual functions consisting of rotate, zoom, invert, mirror, popup overview and magnifier window, the software also allows the ability to make measurements on a drawing. This feature is particularly useful for surveyors and engineers who are extracting useful data from scanned drawings. PROView is a user friendly software that uses Microsoft Windows interface with tool bars and Quick-Infos tool tips.


The Indus Advantage

We at Indus believe that our customers are our partners. Our aim is to provide our customers the highest quality product and the best in service and support. Therefore, we offer turnkey solutions beginning with free consultation with our customers to determine the most suitable product for their application. We always provide on-site installation and training to the customer’s IT personnel on the best use of the system and software. We further provide on-site training to the customer’s users and operators, and beyond that we are always available for telephone support and on-site hardware maintenance. Indus has been in business since 1985.

XL7000 Planscan Report