The 456D-800 Double Page Reader provides convenient, simultaneous access to two pages of information, making it ideal for catalog or spec-sheet reading. A special feature of this viewer is that it provides 120% blow-back for detailed viewing of parts and schematics. It accommodates all standard formats including microfiche, jackets and aperture cards.




  • Scribe line centered on screen, black or transparent yellow
  • Dual lens system for two magnification fiche systems
  • Dual carrier 4″ x 6″, or 4″ x 7-3/8″


  • Dust cover
  • Cleaning kit
  • Turntable
  • Fiche storage
  • Extension hood


  • Rugged all metal construction for heavy duty use
  • Angled screen for comfortable viewing
  • Removable screen for easy cleaning and lens changing


Dimensions: W541mm x H594mm x D516mm (21.3″ x 23.4″ x 20.3″)
Weight: 25.9 kilograms (57 pounds)
Screen: W502mm x H338mm (19.8″ x 13.3″), rear projection,non-glare blue, gray or green
Carrier: Standard – 105mm x 152mm (4″ x 6″) self-opening.Optional – 105mm x 152mm dual (4″ x 6″) self-opening or 105mm x 187mm (4″ x 7-3/8″) Tab Card/Fiche, self-Opening or 105mm x 187mm dual (4″ x 7-3/8″) self-opening
Magnification: 24x, 42x, 48x, 72x and 90x

Standard – Single lens system Optional – Dual lens system

Input:Microfiche, Jackets and Aperture Cards
Indexing:Interchangeable grids
Focus: Front-mounted, precision control
Lamp: Dual Intensity 12V 100W

Construction: Metal
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty

Specifications, product appearance and statements are subject to change.