The 4601-A3 U is a universal microfiche, aperture card, 16mm and 35mm Microfilm Reader. It has a large screen for crisp and sharp /wp-content/themes/Adisoft/images from Document Microfiche, 16mm microfilm and full frame viewing of the 35mm film. Image rotation is through a single prism on single or dual lens for 24X, 32X and 36X, and with a second prism when the 12.5X lens is used. Changing from the Fiche Carrier to the Rollfilm Carrier is simple. This energy efficient reader has a convenient removable power drawer.




  • 4″ x 6″ (105mm x 152mm) Dual Fiche Carrier
  • 4″ x 7 3/8″ (105mm x 187mm) Aperture Card carrier
  • 16/35mm Manual Rollfilm Carrier for Open Reel
  • 16/35mm Motorized Electronic Rollfilm Carrier for Open Reel


  • Dust Cover, Cleaning Kit, Turntable, Fiche Storage
  • Specifications, product appearance and statements are subject to change


Dimensions: W 21″ x D 22.25″ x H 26.75″ (533.4mm x 565.1mm x 679.4mm), W 23″ (584.2mm) when optional rollfilm carrier is installed Weight: 40 lbs. (18.1 Kg.)
Screen: H13″ x W20″ (330.2mm x 508.0mm)
Carriers:Standard – 4″ x 6″ (105mm x 152mm) Single Fiche Carrier, Optional: 4″ x 6″ (105mm x 152mm) Dual, Aperture Card Carrier or 16/35mm Rollfilm Manual, 16/35mm Rollfilm Motorized
Lens Magnifications: 12.5X, 24X, 32X, 36X
Dual Switchable Lenses: Optional – Any combination of above
Image Rotation: 360° Image Rotation by Prism for one lens in single lens and for both lenses in dual lens
Input: Microfiche, Jackets, Aperture Cards, Microfilm 16/35mm in open reels
Indexing: Interchangeable grids for Microfiche and Jackets
Focus Control: Front mounted, precision control knob, gear operation
Image Rotation Control: Front mounted, precision knob, gear operation
Lamp: Dual Intensity Quartz Halogen 13.8Volt 85Watt
Cooling: Fan Cooled
Electrical: Standard – l20Volt 50/60 Hz, Optional – 220/240Volt 50/60 Hz
Construction: Combination Metal and High Impact Engineering Grade Plastic
Warranty: 1 year limited warranty