Readers designed for use with high magnification ultrafiche (150X) and normal microfiche. The image is very sharp on the extra large screen for very convenient viewing. The ultrafiche lens is of very high resolution and the fiche carrier system is designed to maintain constant focus on the entire area of the ultrafiche. The Reader is convenient to use with a centrally located focus wheel for precise focusing of the image. With all steel construction this Reader has been designed for long term durability under rugged usage conditions.




  • Dust Cover
  • Cleaning Kit
  • Turntable
  • Fiche Storage Panels
  • Extension Hood (Ambient Light Shield)


  • Rugged, all metal construction for heavy duty applications
  • Angled screen with reference line for comfortable viewing
  • High resolution lens for precise and sharp /wp-content/themes/Adisoft/images

Specifications, product appearance and statements are subject to change


Dimensions: W406mm x H660mm x D508mm (16.0″ x 26.0″ x 20.0″)
Weight: 25.9Kilograms (57.0 Pounds)
Screen: Rear Projection W363mm x H350mm (14.3″ x 13.8″) Blue with Black Line
Carrier: Self-opening top glass 105mm x152mm (4″ x 6″)
Magnification: Single Lens 150X (Model 455-6)
Dual Lens 150X and 42X or 48X (Model 455-5)
Input: Ultrafiche, Microfiche, Jackets
Indexing: Interchangeable Grids
Focus: Front-mounted wheel (Model 455-6), Front-mounted knob (Model 455-5)
Lamp: Dual Intensity Quartz Halogen 17.6 Volts 120 Watts in Model 455-6
Dual Intensity Quartz Halogen 12 Volts 100 Watts in Model 455-5
Electrical: Standard – 120 Volt – 50/60 Hz, Optional – 230 Volt – 50/60 Hz, UL, CSA, CE
Cooling: Forced air fan
Construction: Steel
Warranty: 90 days