Planetary Overhead Book Scanners

Indus offers scanners for many applications.  Below the scanners have been listed by the scanner bed size.  Please select the scanner that suits your application for the maximum size it is capable of scanning.


A2+ (18 inches x 28 inches) Scan Bed

Book Scanner 9000
Book Scanner 9000

A2+ (18 inches x 26 inches) Scan Bed

Book Scanner RS
BookScanner RS

A2 (approximately 17 inches x 24 inches) Scan Bed


Book Scanner 5000-II

Book Scanner 7000-II
Book Scanner 5004
5004C & 5004GS Book Scanners

A1 (approximately 25 inches x 35 inches) Scan Bed


5005C scanner
Book Scanner 5005C
5005XL scanner
Book Scanner 5005XL

A0 (approximately 36 inches x 52 inches) Scan Bed


7000 scanner
Large Format Scanner Series 7000