Super Carrel 3 Step Reader/Printer


Take advantage of printing from the SuperCarrel.




Indus introduces the Super Carrel 3-Step Reader/Printer. This device will let you print an image from microfilm to a plain paper laser printer. It will work with both positive and negative film and will print on letter or ledger paper, depending on the laser printer attached.

The system can be retrofited to Super Carrels in the field manufactured after January 2000. Printing can be done on most laser printers. If you don't have one available, Indus can supply one.

Indus has dealers in most countries around the world. Call for the name of the dealer nearest you.


  1. Select the desired image from the rollfilm and position the desired area to print in the rectangular box on screen.


  2. Lift screen and let it latch at top of reader. Position area to be printed on blue screen. Focus image.


  3. Press print button to get crisp laser printed copy of desired area.

Options – available at additional cost:

Super Carrel Reader Scanner Model PC

The Super Carrel Reader Scanner works through a Personal Computer (PC) enabling user to send screen http://www.indususa.com/wp-content/themes/Adisoft/images from the reader's special screen to an attached PC for storage or transfer to other locations on the network or beyond via e-mail. This model's scanning screen is of US Letter/International A4 size.

Super Carrel Reader Scanner Model A3

Same as the Model PC except this model's scanning screen is of US Ledger/International A3 size. An 11" x 17" (A3) size area of the microfilm image can be scanned and sent to the PC.