An advanced hybrid scanner/microfilmer for very large format documents and books that allows scanning at high resolution and filming on 16mm and 35mm microfilm. A solution that satisfies quick distribution of vital documents over a network or via the web while satisfyingthe long term archival requirements for the same vital documents. A proven system with many satisfied users and installations worldwide.



Optical Resolution:
400 dpi
600 dpi
CCD Cameras:
2 x 7500 pixels
each color
3 x 7500 pixels
each color
Active Scanning Area: 36 inches x 52 inches
Scanning Accuracy: Within ± .01%
Illumination System: Low UV and color matched daylight fluorescent lamps
Optics: Apochromatic lenses
Color and Image Processing: Gamma, brightness and contrast (for each color channel), White point and black point
Functions: Automatic or manual black-treshold correction Automatic white balance Auto focus
Page Splitting: Automatically, with or without overlap
Color Depth: 36 bit internal, 24 bit external
Depth of Focus: 1.96 inches
Cradle Movement: Motorized with foot or hand control
Maximum Thickness of Book: 9.8 inches
Interface: TCP/IP (Ethernet)
Dimensions (L x W x H): 43.3 inches x 63.7 inches x 54.7 inches
Operating Environment: 41º – 86º F, 15~85% relative humidity, non-condensing
Electrical Requirements: 120VAC, 50/60 Hz
Output Modes: 24-bit RGB Colors, 8-bit grayscale, bitonal and bitonal photo
Data Output: All standard image formats
Maximum Document Size: 36 inches x 52 inches
Maximum Thickness of Book: 9.8 inches
Reduction Ratios: 7.4X to 30X variable, 42X with column extension
Lens: Zeiss Biogon 40mm focal length
Focus Adjustment: Automatically or Variably for the full reduction range
Exposure: Automatic or Manual with indicator
Shutter Speed: Fixed: 1/2 second with warm light; 3/4 second with cold light
Film Accepted: Unperforated 30.5 to 65.5 meters; 14/100 mm to 7/100 mm thick 35 mm standard, 16 mm with optional attachment
Frame Pitch: 48 mm step, Full, 1/2, 1/4 steps and variable step with mask alignment
Negative Size:

Fixed values: 32 x 45 mm with 35 mm film at full step

32 x 22.5 mm with 35 mm at half step
14 x 20 mm with 16 mm film at full step
10 x 10 mm with 16 mm at half step

Camera Height Adjustment: Motorized, pre-selected for
7.4X – 10.5X – 14.8X – 21X – 30X
Illumination: old lamps: 4 x 21 Watt adjustable daylight fluorecent lamps Warm Lights: 4 x 200 Watt Parabolic lamps
Book Cradle: Book cradle 180º for books with thickness up to 9.8 inches Speed and contact pressure against glass plate adjustable Automatic lowering of the cradle at end of exposure
Foot Switch: To activate the book cradle and to trigger the exposure
Electrical: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: H x W x L 103 inches x 106 inches x 59 inches
Weight: 792 LBS.
Image Counter: Digital
Image Field Projection: Highlighted by 50 Watt halogen lamp for easy positioning of master on copy board
Blip: Fade-in of single, dual or triple blips
Book Hold: To film a book open at 105º
Color Film: Easy change over from black and white to color film
Light Box: For the filming of transparent masters

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