The XL7000M is an advanced and proven planetary microfilm camera that can use 16mm or 35mm microfilm to create industry standard results from very large format open books, drawings, flat documents, manuscripts and maps that can be as large as 36 inches x 52 inches. Microfilm CameraA motor driven book cradle makes it convenient to scan books that can be as thick as 9.8 inches and as heavy as 44 lbs. A copyboard is supplied forthe microfilming of flat documents. The high quality lenses provide reduction ratios from 7.4X to 30X, and 42X with column extension. Many other standard and optional features make this planetary microfilm camera the most desired system for production microfilm environments.

XL7000 Mdetails


Maximum Document Size: 36 inches x 52 inches
Maximum Thickness of Book: 9.8 inches
Reduction Ratios: 7.4X to 30X variable, 42X with column extension
Lens: Zeiss Biogon 40mm focal length
Focus Adjustment: Automatically or Variably for the full reduction range
Exposure: Automatic or Manual with indicator
Shutter Speed: Fixed: 1/2 second with warm light; 3/4 second with cold light
Film Accepted: Unperforated 30.5 to 65.5 meters; 14/100 mm to 7/100 mm thick
35 mm standard, 16 mm with optional attachment
Frame Pitch: 48 mm step, Full, 1/2, 1/4 steps and variable step with mask alignment
Negative Size: Fixed values: 32 x 45 mm with 35 mm film at full step
32 x 22.5 mm with 35 mm at half step
14 x 20 mm with 16 mm film at full step
10 x 10 mm with 16 mm at half step
Camera Height Adjustment: Motorized, pre-selected for 7.4X – 10.5X – 14.8X – 21X – 30X
Illumination: Cold lamps: 4 x 21 Watt adjustable daylight fluorecent lamps
Warm Lights: 4 x 200 Watt Parabolic lamps
Book Cradle: Book cradle 180º for books with thickness up to 9.8 inches
Speed and contact pressure against glass plate adjustable
Automatic lowering of the cradle at end of exposure
Foot Switch: To activate the book cradle and to trigger the exposure
Electrical: 120 VAC 50/60 Hz
Dimensions: H x W x L 103 inches x 106 inches x 59 inches
Weight: 792 LBS.
Image Counter: Digital
Image Field Projection: Highlighted by 50 Watt halogen lamp for easy positioning of master on copy board
Blip: Fade-in of single, dual or triple blips
Book Hold: To film a book open at 105º
Color Film: Easy change over from black and white to color film
Light Box: For the filming of transparent masters

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