Indus jackets are made with tough, all polyester construction and a unique laminating process that provides the strongest rib bond in the industry. Available with clear or blue ribs.

  • CR – CLEAR RIB Jackets
    • Manufactured with a Colorless rib, under the highest quality control for extremely clear duplicates.
  • BR – BLUE RIB Jackets
    • Optional Ultraviolet Blue (UVB) Tint in the ribs which is visible to the eye, yet “invisible” to ultra violet duplication.


  • Custom printing to your specifications
  • Sequential numbering available
  • Complete in-house quality control


  • 13 non-fading industry standard colors
  • 5 optional colors available
  • 1.2 mm stripe for precision notching


  • Single notch position; 1.5 mm depth


  • Whiter, brighter coating resists abrasion and eraurers – quality duplicates
  • Consistent matte thickness


  • Reliable loading (even on worn or misaligned reader-fillers.)
  • Conforms to AIIM Specifications


Jackets Options(available at additional charge)

  • Color Striping: Minimum order – 1,000 jackets per color stripe
Standard/Optional Colors:
Black Blue Orange Pink Red
Magenta Brown Grey Yellow Purple
Lt. Blue White Green Olive Turquoise
Lavender Dark Green Chartreuse
  • Custom-Printed Formats: Minimum order – 10,000 jackets
  • Continuous Form Mounting: 8.5″w x 11″ h carrier paper; Minimum order- 2,000 jackets per color
  • Ten Position Notching: Specify 0-9 or 1-10 system Minimum Order – 1,000 jackets (100 per notch position)
  • Sequential Numbering & Jacket Collating

C.A.R. Microfilm Jackets

  • Computer Assisted Retrieval (C.A.R.) Jackets:
    Numbers printed on inside of jacket designate the location of each film image allowing standard jacket technology to be integrated with computer assisted retrieval. Also used for quick reference in determining which image to print. The index numbers transfer to all duplicate copies.
  • Standard Printed C.A.R. Jacket Formats:
    1-60 Format [COSATI] – 12 frames per channel (1.75mm frame size)
    1-70 Format [ANSI] – 14 frames per channel (10mm frame size)

5-16mm Channels
2-5/16″ index/11 mm index

4-16mm Channels
1″ index/ 26.2mm index

2-35mm channels
31/32″ index/ 25mm index

1-35mm, 3-16 mm channels
11/32″ index/ 8.5 mm index

4-16 mm channels
5/16″ index

3-16 mm channels
23/32″ index

4-16 mm channels (TAB Size)
3/8″ index

2-35 mm channels
(TAB Size) 5/16″ index
Additional Microfilm Supplies

  • Jacket Labels – 1/4″x5″
    Minimum order: 10,000 labels
  • Acid Free Fiche / Jacket Envelopes
    Open top; High throat
    Minimum order: 5,000 envelopes
  • 5 mil DMC-R Sheet Diazo Duplicating Film
    Sizes: 148 x 105 mm; 152 x 105mm; 7-38″x 3-1/4″ (tab size)
    Optional color striping – 13 standard colors available
    Depth of stripe: 1/4″, 5/16″, 3/8″, or 1/2″
    Minimum order: 2,000 sheets

3-35mm channels
1/2″ index

6-16mm channels
Vertical 5/8″ index