For high quality, cost-effective microform access in a broad range of applications, the ALOS Z-Scan 46-Il is an ideal choice. It lets you view images from any microfilm media format on screen, as well as make clear, crisp laser prints on a stand-alone laser printer that is fast and easy to use. Add an optional PC or USB interface kit, and you can scan to PC at up to 800 dpi resolution allowing you to use your microform information in e-mails, faxes, electronic distribution, and filing of information, The ALOS Z-Scan 46-II offers a wide range of automatic features and options for added flexibility and convenience. You also get the benefits of digital reliability and rugged construction.



Sometimes you need a quick print. Sometimes you’d prefer scanning to your PC. ALOS’ Z-Scan 46-lI makes it easy to do both— and that can make your microform application more productive. Connect your ALOS Z-Scan 46-1I to both printer and PC, and you can conveniently switch trom high-speed laser printing to scanning output at the touch of a button.

So for printing and scanning, speed and convenience, quality and reliability, and total system versatility, the ALOS Z-Scan 46-II is the ideal microform solution for a wide rage of high-productivity applications—in libraries, reference collections, education, government, or business—because it combines more ways to use your micrographics archives.

Read on screen. Print on paper. Scan to PC. The digital era gives you new opportunities for making microform information more powerful, versatile, and cost-effective.

A wide range of options are available, so you can handle any microfilm and microfiche images. And with the modular designed scanner and printer, you can set up your system to suit your work environment—even have two scanners share a single MSP3000 Printer.

With the Z-Scan 46-II’s quality optics and sturdy construction, we’ve raised our own high-standard for high-resolution scanning, fast high-quality printing, ease of operation, and long-term reliability.

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  • The Z-Scan 46-II determines the exposure setting automatically for the highest quality scan. Manual exposure override js available.
  • The System masks the black bands that run along the edges of the image.
  • The system generates an image that is centered on the printed page, from an image on the screen with a masked frame.
  • The machine automatically corrects any skew of up to 30 degrees when the image is printed
  • Fit the image on the screen onto the entire surface of the print (50% to 200%).
  • True Bi-Mode sensing allows the Z-Scan 46-II to automatically determine the film type So you get a positive printout whether you are using negative or positive film.
  • Rotates the image electronically or with an optical prism to the print orientation desired.
  • The system masks the selected outer frame of the image. Manual Frame Masking Kit (option) is required. The Kit provides side-screen LED lights for visual cues to allow the user to manually select print or scan areas, as well as define the areas to be masked.
  • Extension hood
  • The system marks the area of the image appearing on the screen through the Manual Frame Masking Panel function. Manual Frame Masking Kit (option) is required. The Kit provides side-screen LED lights for visual cues to allow the user to manually select print or scan areas, as well as define the areas to be trimmed.
  • lf your business application demands high- quality photos and detailed graphics, the optional Grayscale Upgrade Kit lets you output 8-bit grayscale images to your PC. 256 grayscale levels reveal more detail compared to black and white images, and allows low-contrast images to be captured as accurately as possible.


  • Type: Desktop Universal Digital Microform Scanner
  • Type of Film: Microfiche
  • jackets, aperture cards, 16mm and 35mm roll tilm, 16mm film cartridges
  • Screen Size: 12″ x 12″ (300 x 300rmm)
  • Magnifications: 7.5x, 9-16x, 13-27x, 23-50x Same Lenses as 243 R-P
  • Focus Control: Manual
  • Image Rotation: Prism rotation (standard Auto Image Rotation; prism included)
  • Zooming: Manual
  • Scanning Speed: 6.5 seconds/page
  • scanning Density: 200, 300, 400, 600, 800 dpi Optical Resolution: 400 dpi
  • Electronic Zooming: 50% – 200%, print to fit paper
  • Multiple Printing: 1-19 prints (LED countdown identification) with M5P3000 printer
  • Hardware Interface: Video (direct print),
  • SCSI-2 (to PC) – optional
  • USB-2 (to PC) – optional
  • Switchable on front panel
  • Exposure: Auto, Manual