For high quality, cost-effective microform access in a broad range of applications, the MS6000MKII is an ideal choice. It lets you view images from any microform media format on screen, as well as digitize the on-screen image at up to 800 dpi resolution, when connected via its USB interface to your PC. Once the images are digitized and into your PC they can be printed to a standard laser printer connected to that PC or to a networked laser printer. This allows you to use your microform information in e-mails, faxes, electronic distribution and filing of information. The MS6000MKII offers a wide range of automatic features and options for added flexibility and convenience. You also get the benefits of digital reliability and rugged construction.




After viewing an image on the screen you may want to save the image for future use in your PC and maybe even to get a hard copy printout of the image. When connected to your PC the MS6000MKII will create a high resolution of that image on the screen and once the image is in your PC, you can print it to any attached laser printer or a laser printer on your computer network. No special laser printer is needed. So for scanning and printing, speed and convenience, quality and reliability, and total system versatility, the MS6000MKII is the ideal microform solution for a wide range of high productivity applications, in libraries, reference collections, education, government, or business, – because it combines more ways to use your microfilm archives.

Read on a high resolution projection screen. Scan to PC. Print from the PC to any laser printer. The digital era gives you new opportunities for making microform information more powerful, versatile, and cost effective.

A wide range of lenses and carriers are available for the MS6000MKII. You can handle any 16mm and 35mm microfilm in open reels, 16mm film in M-cartridges and ANSI Clips, standard microfiche, jacketed microfiche, tab size microfiche and aperture cards. Zoom lenses a wide range and fixed lens for low magnification requirements are available.


  • Type: Desktop Universal Digital Microform Scanner
  • Type of Film: Microfiche, Jackets, Aperture Cards, 16 and 35mm roll film 16mm film in M-Cartridge and ANSI Clip
  • Magnifications: 7.5x, 9-16x, 13-27x, 23-50x
  • Focus Control: manual
  • Image Rotation: Prism rotation(Standard Auto Image Rotation, prism included)
  • Zooming: manual
  • Scanning Speed: 6.5 seconds /image
  • Scanning Resolution: 200, 300, 400 600, 800 dpi. Optical resolution: 400 dpi.
  • Hardware Interface: USB 2.0 to PC with Windows 10 32-bit or 64-bit
  • Carriers: Standard Microfiche Carrier for Microfiche, Jackets and Aperture Cards
    • UC-8 Universal carrier for microfiche, aperture cards and 16/35 mm film in open reels, manual threading.
    • UC-2 Universal carrier for microfiche, 16/35 mm film in open reels, auto threading.
    • 15M carrier for 16mm film in M-Cartridge, auto threading.
    • 15A carrier for 16mm film in ANSI clip, auto threading
  • Choice of Carriers.